ECO Green Giant is installed in Saudi Arabia

Feb 20, 2017 | Installations

Photo: ECO Green Equipment

Not long ago, Recycling Product News shared a news story on Eco Green’s updated shredder installed in the Middle East. We are happy to remind you of that story and here: below, we are providing it for you once again.

A leading tire recycling equipment manufacturer, ECO Green Equipment, made an announcement that its upgraded tire-recycling shredder ECO Green Giant has been installed in Saudi Arabia at Northern Region Cement Co (NRC), which was hoping to find an effective set of tools for tire shredding that would enable effective recycling of huge tire accumulations that the company managed to collect at their site. The chosen system represents a primary tire shredder with two shafts.

The ECO Green Giant is a primary tire shredder system which can perfectly process whole tires and create 2” – 6” inches rough shreds.

It was a pleasant experience for NRC to get and operate the innovative ECO Green Giant system, and it was absolutely fit for recycling its accumulations of truck tires, explained Uday Gautam, who manages NRC.

He added that the company checked existing tire shredders that are now provided by competitors, but ECO Green Giant outperformed them, as it had all the characteristics necessary for an excellent tire shredder.

The output is further applied as tire-derived fuel in cement and energy plants. With this equipment, tire recyclers can get better production rates if they are looking for such properties as high efficiency and minimal maintenance.

It also provides higher volume production of rubber grinding, moreover, it leads to an increased level of output.

An innovative shredding technology was used to design the ECO Green Giant, however, it allows it to keep minimal costs needed for its operation. The system also features less moving parts and contains elements with higher endurance. It won’t pose any problem to find a cutting chamber where two shafts with cutting knifes are used, within the system, as everything is done in a simple way. It is easy to sharpen or replace the knives, so the shredder’s downtime during maintenance is reduced.

ECO Green’s tire shredder Green Giant and full tire recycling system is the most innovative equipment that can be used to produce tire shreds to use them as TDF. It also provides the most attractive wear costs, not going higher than $3.00 USD per ton of output. Businesses that are looking for the ways to increase their returns and to invest in TDF and tire recycling should pay close attention to the genuine tire shredder – ECO Green Giant.

ECO Green Giant is a two-shaft tire shredder which has unique blade design and ultra-high performance. Green Giant’s production capacity reaches up to 15 tons per hour. Moreover, the shredder wins competition in power requirements, maintenance costs and maintenance time. Learn more…

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