Markets and Customers for Recycled Tires

May 2, 2018 | Applications of Recycled Rubber


If you are already involved in tire recycling, you may know that navigating alone within the industry can be problematic. To help you not to miss useful markets, grow your client base and just make things easier for you, we are providing a helpful list with Top 10 markets and specialists who may be interested in the purchase of your recycled tires and tire byproducts.

Rubberized Asphalt

Rubberized asphalt significantly improves the quality of roads. Its main component is recycled rubber, which is derived from recycled tires. To develop a mile stretch of road, it is necessary to use a large number of tires.

Rubberized asphalt can provide top quality, as roads filled with rubber have greater endurance and they won’t require frequent crack repairs. In addition, asphalt made with recycled tires can reduce skidding and traffic noise.

Tire Recycling and Equestrian Industry

It is an undisputed fact that rubberized surfaces can reduce injuries among people. Interestingly, recycled rubber mats can even be used for reduction of injuries and joint strains for horses: flooring materials are covered with mats, which results in safer and more convenient horse stalls.

Playground Construction

Solid rubber or rubber mulch are now more frequently used in playground construction. However, to make the production sustainable, businesses should start applying recycled rubber, which is manufactured through tire recycling.

Athletic Equipment Manufacturers

Substantial amounts of rubber are needed for businesses that create artificial turf for indoor and outdoor fields, and the surfaces for indoor and outdoor tracks. These products have their right for existence as they can save athletes from severe injuries.

Shooting Ranges

No wonder, rubber mulch has found application for itself in this segment too, as it is an ideal component that can stop stray bullets, ensure safe patron keeping and guarantee noise reduction.

Military Training Facilities

Thanks to its elastic features and safety provisional properties, rubber is now more frequently chosen in development of parachute landing areas, training grounds and repelling surfaces.

Tire Businesses

Businesses that manufacture tires for all types of vehicles should use recycled tires if they want to benefit the environment. Moreover, for larger benefits, they need to follow the principle ‘the bigger, the better’, and start using bigger numbers of recycled tires in their production, as these materials will reduce the quantity of raw materials that will require additional costly manipulations, thus it will leave less waste and carbon footprints.

Home Improvement Retailers

Rubber mulch has gained a status of a decent substitute to wood mulch, which is often used in gardening and for other purposes, therefore home improvement retailers would be more than happy to apply recycled rubber and offer it to their customers.


Jewelry, artistic installations and sculptures made out of waste tires is not a novelty. Artists tend to work with various types of extravagant materials, and recycled tires is no exception. Try to approach some artists and offer them your tires, perhaps, they might be working on some projects that may require them.


More and more DIY ideas on how tires can be used, have been promoted by the Internet. Some people use whole tires to create ottomans and DIY household equipment for various activities. Therefore, there is a chance that you won’t even need to shred and process your tires before selling them, as there may be a market for whole tires too.

Also, there are a number of other applications which can make tire recycling a profitable business. We will be covering more of this topic in our next articles.

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