Updates on Tire Recycling

Why Tire Recycling is a Must for the Modern World

Photo: ECO Green Equipment Treating tires as waste has become an old-fashioned way of thinking in our modern society. According to researches, discarding tires can be extremely unsafe and could harm both human health and environment. Therefore, humanity had to come up...

What We Lose When We Do Not Recycle Tires

Photo: pxhere.com Statistics of 2015 shows that no more than 11% of scrap tires produced in the United States ended up at landfills. The percentage might seem insignificant, however if we transform it into number, it means that 460 thousand tons of tires had been left...

How Tire Recycling Improves the Environment

  Photo: ECO Green Equipment Today, the entire world produces more than a billion tires each year. Most of the tires are normally used to drive less than 50000 miles, thus landfills and stockpiles receive more and more tires. If we want to stop further stockpiling and...

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