Why Tire Recycling is a Must for the Modern World

Jun 7, 2018 | Tire Recycling

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Treating tires as waste has become an old-fashioned way of thinking in our modern society. According to researches, discarding tires can be extremely unsafe and could harm both human health and environment. Therefore, humanity had to come up with a better option of tire disposal, and tire recycling has become the key.

Tire recycling is no longer a novelty and gradually people are becoming more and more aware of its benefits. Tire shredding is the first step of tire recycling that you, as our reader, will be able to discover and understand better when you finish reading this article. It is impossible to underestimate the advantages of tire shredding equipment, thus, we will explain why our modern world should stick to the principles of recycling.

Taking Care of the Environment

Scrap tires can be a problem, because no country wants to have massive accumulations of this type of waste, as it can be harmful for the environment. Tire piles often serve as breeding places for mosquitoes, which is extremely dangerous, as mosquitos can transmit diseases to the public residing close to tire wastelands.

Nevertheless the danger of tires does not stop there. Tire fire is another challenge that the world has to face now. Tires, when burn, can be very unsafe, as they pollute air with a carbon component which is so small that it is impossible to see it, however if it gets in your blood, it may become very problematic for your body to circulate the oxygen. Thus, tire recycling is a must, as it will make our planet a safer place. To succeed in that and to get the best outcome, you are only lacking top quality tire shredding equipment.

Tire-Derived Aggregate (TDA)

With tire shredding you are never limited, as it is able to create various products, and it is an absolute advantage of tire recycling over traditional tire disposing practices. One of the products that is possible to get with the help of tire shredding is a tire-derived aggregate (TDA), which will be further used in construction. Moreover, the product is believed to be more resilient in comparison to the conventional gravel. Thus, it is more rational to choose tire recycling, as you can not only eradicate perils for the environment, but you can find useful application for recycled tire products.

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Products of Cryogenic Systems

It is unimaginable in how many ways shredded tires can be further recycled, and cryogenic system is one of the ways to further reduce the size. By handling tires via this method, they can freeze at extremely low temperatures. After that, the frozen rubber is torn into smaller pieces of different shapes and sizes. The shredded parts are then frozen with liquid nitrogen. The last stage is passing pieces via a hammer mill, which develops even smaller pieces. Then they are handled with magnets and air classifiers, so it becomes possible to extract steel and fiber.

How Tire Shredding Can Help School Children and Athletes

Tire shredding is exclusively beneficial practice, which can be useful for each and every person no matter of what age he or she is, including small children. Products, which are created via tire recycling can be used in school playground development, serving as a top-quality rubber mulch or as a filler in artificial turf where kids can play. Moreover, such playgrounds are significantly safer and softer compared to traditional alternatives. Thus, tire shredding can improve the quality of your child’s life.

Energy Production

When we think about production of new goods, we automatically think of raw products, which are needed to create something new. However, we should not neglect all the energy that is needed for production purposes and we should focus on the ways how we can minimize it. Tire shredding comes as a solution here too, as processed materials can be used in development of new products, saving energy and reducing costs. It is unbelievable how greatly tire shredding impacts reduction in energy consumption.

Societal Development

It is very important to pay understand the relation of tire recycling to societal development. Around the world, recycling has become a modern indicator of societal level of development, as progressive nations opt for sustainability – this is when old materials are recycled and that leads to conservation of energy, and then, the additional energy is used to get better production results.

Now you have no doubt that tire recycling is absolutely necessary for the flourishing of the modern world, as it helps out planet become a greener, cleaner, happier and safer place for people of all ages. What we all need now is to spread the message, so more people are aware of its benefits. This approach can help safe not only a lot of energy, but a efficiently use scarce resources and save human lives, too.

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