Wire-Free Rubber Mulch and Its Main Applications

Apr 16, 2018 | Applications of Recycled Rubber, Tire Recycling

It is impossible to underestimate the importance of tire recycling, however the public is not entirely aware of how many materials can be actually produced from recycled tires. For some, it is even unimaginable that tires can be recycled into valuable products. For instance, waste tires can be recycled into valuable wire-free rubber mulch, which is possible to use in multiple products. In overall, tire recycling has already become a vital part of the leading countries’ economies. In this article, we are looking at three most valuable applications of wire-free rubber mulch.

Rubber Mulch for Playgrounds

To develop playgrounds in a conventional way, it is necessary to use gravel, sand, or wood chips/mulch. These materials can be extremely difficult to handle: sand is very problematic material to work with as it can penetrate into unwanted spaces and can transform into muddy goop during rainy seasons; gravel results in unsmooth surfacing and is a very unsafe material, as it can lead to injuries in case children fall on these grounds.

The most frequent material to use is wood mulch. However, it isn’t that good, too: it cannot secure comfortable surfacing and may give kids splinters when they crawl. In addition, insects and animals can be attracted to wood mulch, which will make a playground not a safe place to play at. Another problem of wood mulch is that it can be displaced when children land on it – this is a common thing to happen as children tend to slide down slides and jump off swings.

Perfect playgrounds are made from rubber mulch, which is a product of tire recycling. Rubber mulch is significantly softer than other materials. What’s more, this component can guarantee greater resilience. It is also rational to use rubber mulch, as it can prevent injuries in case a child falls, and the shock will fade away instantly.

It is not easy to displace rubber mulch, thus it is needless to be anxious about possible splinters. Moreover, it is even possible to apply rubber mulch mats in high traffic areas, also under swing sets and slides.

You can never go wrong with rubber mulch if you are constructing a playground in a park or in your backyard.

Rubber Mulch in Landscaping

Unfortunately, it is not common to associate rubber mulch with landscaping projects. Landscaping can be extremely challenging, as you will need to replace materials quite often when they rot, get displaced as a result of bad weather conditions, or when they attract armies of insects. But the great product of tire recycling, rubber mulch, can solve all these problems with ease.

It is advisable to apply rubber mulch around trees instead of traditional rocks and wood mulch.

This innovative material will keep the weeds out and will prevent accumulation of waste at landfills. The greater endurance of rubber mulch guarantees cost-effectiveness and will safe your money. Moreover, unlike its other alternatives, it covers more ground, thus it has extra money-saving properties.

Rubber Mulch in Athletics

Active lifestyle has a good impact on human’s health and emotional well-being. Nevertheless, the more advanced levels of sport activity can increase your chances of getting injuries. Such innocent activity as a basketball game with your children after family dinner can result in scrapped knees and can give you nasty bruises. Concrete here can do you more harm than good, as its solid nature is hard and unforgiving, Thus, this type of surfacing isn’t the most optimal choice for training.

Safe athletic surfacing can be secured with artificial and natural turfs that were made with rubber mulch.

It can be used in construction of surfacing for golf courses, running tracks, soccer fields, and any other grounds which will be frequently used for training.

What makes rubber mulch truly outstanding is its sustainability and eco-friendliness. Moreover, it is a truly quality substitute to all existing alternatives. By choosing this valuable product of tire recycling, you benefit on so many levels – you enjoy it yourself, you protect your children and you save the environment.

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